Presentation: Zero to Production-Ready in Minutes

Track: Developer Experience: Level up Your Engineering Effectiveness

Location: Broadway Ballroom South, 6th fl.

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Level: Intermediate

Persona: Architect, Developer, DevOps Engineer


The fabric of Netflix's approach to building new highly-available services is evolving. The Runtime Platform Team is focused on improving developer productivity while simultaneously making it simpler to build and maintain the high-availability services that Netflix expects. Starting with application generation, and leveraging a new approach to communication between services (RPC), we're simplifying what's needed to build a fast, reliable, and optimized service capable of delivering a fantastic customer experience.

We'll be sharing how Netflix is enabling engineers to go from "zero" to "production ready" in minutes - incorporating best-practices learned through years in the cloud. We will also share the story of transitioning from our home-grown RPC machinery to open-source standards, how we recognized when it was the right time to walk away from our own creations, and how our new approach is improving team velocity across Netflix engineering.

Speaker: Tim Bozarth

Director of Engineering @Netflix

Leading the Netflix Runtime Platform team. Working on the platform that enables engineers to efficiently build and incorporate resilient applications in the Netflix ecosystem. I’m inspired by building systems that optimize for developer productivity, simplicity, and availability.

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