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2019 Tracks, Hosts and Workshops

Microservices / Serverless (Patterns & Practices), Modern Java Innovations, Trust, Safety, & Security and Building High-Performing Teams were just some of the 18 editorial tracks at QCon New York 2019. Take a look at the others and catch a glimpse of the QCon New York 2019 workshops.

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2019 Trending Talks

Some of the top sessions from QCon New York 2019 included “Java Futures, 2019 Edition” by @Oracle’s Java Language Architect Brian Goetz, and “Scaling Infrastructure Engineering @Slack” by @Slack’s Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering Julia Grace.

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2019 Keynotes

QCon New York 2019 keynotes included Nick Caldwell, Chief Product Officer @LookerData, previously VP of Engineering @Reddit, and Bryan Cantrill, Co-Creator DTrace & CTO @Joyent.

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2019 Photos and Testimonials

Relive the QCon experience through our photos from the 8th edition of QCon New York. Discover the impact QCon had on our attendees in their own words.

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2019 Topics

Over 1200 attendees learned from practitioners working in innovator and early adopter companies about the topics that matter most in software today. Our technology adoption curve captures these topics:

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2019 Hosts and Tracks

What is a QCon track? Each "editorial" track (that's what we call the curated talks focused on developer lessons) is a collection of software topics curated by a domain expert in areas such as culture, data science, machine learning, front-end technologies, and architecture. Take a look at the QCon New York City 2019 hosts and tracks:

2019 Workshops

QCon isn't just about the conference. QCon also offers a wide reach of workshops on the two days following the conference. We had an incredible lineup of workshops in 2019 that provided shorter technology-focused deep dives. This year’s topics included: Machine Learning, Knative, Rust, Java and building Modern Web Applications:

2019 Keynotes

QCon New York 2019 brought together incredible people who shared their insights in the heart of Times Square to help software teams adopt new technologies and practices. Our keynote speakers are among the team leads, architects and software engineers moving our industry forward. Here’s four takeaways from our 2019 keynotes:

Nick Caldwell

Chief Product Officer @LookerData, previously VP of Engineering @Reddit

Ignite the Fire - How Managers Can Spark New Leaders

“How do you inspire non-manager leaders to emerge? How to do build leadership in your teams and yourself? Nick Caldwell, Chief of Product for Looker, discusses the three ingredients for inspiring your non-manager leaders to emerge and provides simple ...”

Ashi Krishnan

Building the Next Generation of Developer Tools @Github

Learning From Machines

“Why can't you tickle yourself? How do you know where you are? Why do DeepDream images look so trippy? Why does trauma come in waves, washing over us again and again? Computational neuroscience provides insight into these questions and more. In visually ...”

Bryan Cantrill

Co-Creator DTrace, Co-Founder Fishworks Sun Microsystems, & Currently CTO @Joyent

No Moore Left to Give: Enterprise Computing After Moore's Law

“After years of defying predictions of its demise, Moore's Law is now indisputably dying. Many pundits have opined on what the end of Moore's Law means for computing writ large, conjuring futuristic zoos of quantum computers, purpose-built accelerators ...”

Dana Lewis

Principal Investigator & Researcher

Artificial Pancreas System: #WeAreNotWaiting in Healthcare

“What happens when an open source community develops around a group of patients who are frustrated with their medical devices? You end up with an artificial pancreas (of course!). Dana Lewis, a founder of the open source artificial pancreas (OpenAPS) movement, ...”

2019 Trending Talks

Catch up on the trending talks you missed from QCon New York 2019
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The QCon Experience

QCon is dedicated to helping software developers who strive to bring innovation in their teams. Our commitment to empowering every software professional is reflected in our "We Care" philosophy. We designed QCon as a place where everyone feels safe to express themselves, learn, and succeed in adopting new technology and practices that create change and innovation.

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QCon New York 2019 - people
QCon New York 2019 - people QCon New York 2019 - people
QCon New York 2019 - people

The QCon Impact

QCon New York isn’t just a software conference. It’s the place where senior software engineers, tech leads, and architects come together to learn, share, and push each other to drive innovation in the software industry. Find out what attendees had to say about their experience at QCon New York 2019.

  • Alina Lapina Senior Developer at Experis Ciber

    QCon is a conference which creates opportunities for any developer in the world to talk to talented programmers who use leading-edge technology in their projects and are ready to communicate their experience. QCon inspires!

    QCon New York 2019 QCon New York 2019
  • Larry Xu Director of Technology at Fannie Mae

    I would recommend it for the depth of focus on software engineering topics, and the transparency around sponsorship. It really feels like an event for the practitioner (not for commercial products).

    QCon New York 2019 QCon New York 2019

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