Speaker: Ari Lerner

Sr. Consultant, AppDev @awscloud

Technologist, avid explorer, dog owner. I play with hardware, software, and frisbees on a regular basis.

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Machine-to-Machine Interfaces

We often think of client interfaces as a visual medium, but in our increasingly connected lives, our devices are becoming more and more integrated. In this talk we'll explore the ever-expanding world of machine-to-machine interfaces and present a real-world use-case for all the buzzwords, including the blockchain, micropayments, and api-driven single-purpose services. 

As a use case, imagine parking your electric car in the City in a "smart" space equipped with inductive wireless charging complete with automatic micropayments enabled through the blockchain. Instead of a human-sized car, this session features a demo-version of a possible implementation of the complete stack, from real-life remote-controlled car and a qi wireless charging miniature parking space, a distributed blockchain-enabled payment gateway, and a client-side UI in a webbrowser. We'll dive deep into the technology and attendees will have an opportunity to link and download the code for themselves with the open-source project.


Majestic Complex, 6th fl.


Developing/Optimizing Clients for Developers


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