Speaker: Brendan Burns

Co-Founder of the Kubernetes Open Source Project & Distinguished Engineer @Microsoft

Brendan Burns is a Distinguished Engineer in Microsoft Azure and co-founder of the Kubernetes open source project. In Azure he leads teams that focus on containers, open source and devops, including the Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Resource Manager, Service Fabric and Azure Linux teams. He also has contributed many significant pieces of code to the Kubernetes project, including most recently work on client libraries for working with the Kubernetes API. He has been involved in open source for more than two decades, over that time he has acted as maintainer for projects as diverse as the JMeter load testing tool, the DroidDraw WYSiWYG designer for Android and the port of the Quake II to Linux. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a BA in Studio Art and Computer Science from Williams College.

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Introduction to SMI the Service Mesh Interface)

Recently a consortium of companies released a generic interface for service mesh technology. The goal of this abstraction layer is to provide an easy to consume API that can be implemented by many different service mesh implementations (e.g. Istio, Linkerd, Consul Connect, etc). In providing an abstraction between users and implementation, users are free to adopt service mesh concepts without being bound to any particular implementation. Likewise, tooling and ecosystem products for Service Mesh can evolve without having to bet on any specific mesh technology. This talk will cover the SMI specification, implementations and a look at the forward evolution of this approach.


Broadway Ballroom South, 6th fl.


Software Defined Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Service Meshes, & Beyond


Service MeshInterview Available


AMA + Live Q&A

Kubernetes AMA w/ Fei Guo & Oliver Gould

Details to be confirmed


Manhattan Ballroom, 8th fl.


Speaker AMAs (Ask Me Anything)


KubernetesSoftware Supply Chain


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