Speaker: Faisal Abid

Co-Founder at dydx.dev & Google Developer Expert

Faisal is a Google Developer Expert, Entrepreneur, and Engineer. He is a programming language enthusiast and loves solving software engineering challenges across the stack.

Currently, Faisal is the Co-Founder at dydx.dev. You can also find Faisal working on mobile applications in Flutter, writing Smart Contracts for DApps, and writing backends in Dart or Node.js.

Find Faisal Abid at:


Build Cross Platform Apps With Flutter

Historically users building cross platform apps would be able to see and feel a difference between "native" apps and cross platform solutions, but what happens when the clients built by cross platform technologies start to achieve the same look and feel?

Flutter built apps compared alongside their Android/iOS counterparts are nearly identical and the difference is becoming imperceptible with every release. What does this mean for the future of client development when technology is democratized in such a way where you can write once and truly run everywhere, any client, on any platform?

We'll take a deep dive into Flutter, how it achieves an almost identical look and feel to its' Android/iOS counterparts and whats on the roadmap for Flutter (Web & IoT).


Majestic Complex, 6th fl.


Developing/Optimizing Clients for Developers


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