Speaker: Indu Alagarsamy

Solution Architect @Particular Software

Indu enjoys designing distributed systems using event-driven architecture style and domain-driven design principles. She has over 15 years of software development experience working with various industries like healthcare, finance, biotech, and emergency services.  Her current day job is as a Solution Architect at Particular Software, the makers of NServiceBus.  She is passionate about diversity and inclusiveness in the tech industry. When she's not programming, she is an occasional rock climber who loves to chill in sunny Southern California with her kids and super chill giant mastiff.

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PracticalDDD: Bounded Contexts + Events => Microservices

Domain Driven Design and Messaging go hand in hand, like a warm chocolate brownie paired with vanilla ice-cream! DDD is a software discipline that allows you to move faster and write high-quality code. The whole point is to align the software you write to be flexible with the business changes. When you start to use the technology of messaging to communicate between clean and well-defined bounded contexts you get to remove temporal coupling. And voila, you now have microservices that are built for autonomy from the ground up. Sounds perfect? In this talk, discover this intersection of DDD as a software discipline with messaging as a technology counterpart. Build reliable systems that can scale with the business changes.


Broadway Ballroom North, 6th fl.


Microservices / Serverless (Patterns & Practices)


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AMA + Live Q&A

Domain Driven Design AMA w/ Vernon, Charlton & Alagarsamy

Details to be confirmed


Manhattan Ballroom, 8th fl.


Speaker AMAs (Ask Me Anything)


Domain Driven DesignArchitecture


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