Speaker: Rohen Peterson

Director of Engineering @RenttheRunway

Rohen has a passion for trying to solve big problems that help people. That has taken him through law school, several early stage startups, and Hillary for America 2016. He has worked with a panoply of technologies, focusing on a principle of digging in to every part of the technology stack. From optimizing JavaScript to managing distributed database design and load, he has been able to help solve key problems faced by the people that use the products he has helped build. On the side, he is a huge coffee, wine, book, and lifting nerd. Currently, he is focused on working with value-based healthcare at Signify Health.

Find Rohen Peterson at:


Remote Customer Facing Clients

In the past year, Rent the Runway has created a nation-wide network of dropoff boxes. By allowing customers to scan in their clothes for return locally, customers get returns immediately processed, allowing them to rent more items. These devices power a direct customer experience via RtR's custom software, involving real-time processing of customer and inventory data. This talk will delve deeper into the device software powered by React Native, configuration and deployment of the device, and remote management through technology and people.


Majestic Complex, 6th fl.


Developing/Optimizing Clients for Developers


Open SpaceFrontend


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