Speaker: Will Norman

Director Of Engineering at Intent

Will is a Director of Engineering at Intent where he leads the Data Platform team.  He has over 10 years of experience architecting, and building, high volume systems in the FinTech and AdTech industries.  These days Will is glad to be spending more time wrangling services than servers. Outside of tech he enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with his family.

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Building and Operating a Serverless Data Pipeline

At Intent our machine learning platform processes real-time and historical data to predict user intent on billions of page views a month.  At the heart of this system is a serverless data pipeline that allows us to gather, process, store, and analyze data from disparate data sources.  In this talk, we’ll discuss the motivations of switching to a serverless infrastructure, and lessons learned while building and operating such a system at scale; focusing on operability, stability, scalability, and ease of development.


Soho Complex, 7th fl.


High-Performance Computing: Lessons from FinTech & AdTech


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