Workshop: Presentation Skills

Location: Marquis A&B, 9th fl.

Duration: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Day of week: Thursday

Level: All

Key Takeaways

  • Project more confidence in what you’re communicating, regardless of how you’re feeling
  • Use kinesthetic learning tools to dynamically alter negative communication patterns
  • Prime your voice and body to communicate powerfully


Details to follow.

The physical art of spoken communication affects the thousands of daily interactions we all have that determine the trajectory of our careers. Ever find yourself in a situation where you couldn’t think of what to say? Being at a loss for words or repeatedly saying ‘um’ often has more to do with what your breath and body are doing than what your mind is (or is not) thinking.

Join this session to find out how to change negative communication habits with simple, actionable and repeatable techniques that will help you come across better in any situation. Using a variety of tools and kinesthetic activities, you will learn how to project confidence, authority and credibility even when you don’t feel that way.

Speaker: Chiara Motley

Senior Executive Coach with GK Training

Chiara Motley is a senior executive coach with GK Training and has an extensive background in coaching and entrepreneurial development. She began in the field as a personal coach, and now works with GK, consulting with clients in the fields of law and finance. In her individual coaching, Chiara specializes in professional presence, vocal production, poise, composition, and movement training. She helps her clients determine what they want to present, how to organize the presentation, and how to communicate that content effectively, with poise, confidence, physical grace, and clarity. Chiara holds a Master of Fine Arts from The National Theatre Conservatory in Denver, CO and a BA from Stanford University, where she was awarded the Evelyn M. Draper Prize for Performance and graduated with distinction. She is also a graduate of Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. As an undergraduate at Stanford, Chiara studied English, composition, and linguistics, as well as theatre. In addition to her work as a communications consultant, she has a background in ballet and contemporary dance. Her approach to teaching is informed by her own career in the arts. Chiara is a performer and voice over artist. She has appeared in several commercials, voice overs, and performed on stages across the country. Chiara has led workshops for Seattle Shakespeare Company and the Denver Center's Education Program, and has coached performers, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs. As a consultant, Chiara helped The Chef’s Connection develop their online written and video content to increase business and website traffic. She has coached chefs and restaurateurs, helping them to speak passionately and eloquently about their cuisine, their aesthetic, and their business strategy.

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