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Unifying Banks & Blockchains @Coinbase

With over 6 million users across 33 countries, Coinbase is an industry leader building the bridge between traditional finance and the blockchain space. Our goal at Coinbase is to provide simple and secure exchange services to users worldwide for blockchain-based digital assets. The networks that...

Jim Posen Tech Lead @Coinbase
Coinbase Commerce: A User-Controlled Payment Processor

Coinbase Commerce is a user-controlled payment processor. Since launching in February 2018, we have processed millions of dollars worth of transactions totally free. We never hold the merchants funds, which means the merchant is always the sole custodian and guardian of their funds via a private...

Amy Yin Software Engineer @Coinbase
How Blockchain Has Created a New Paradigm in Security

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have put full control of digital money in the hands of individuals. With that power comes the responsibility of securing data so that only a single user can access it. Cryptocurrency companies have stepped up and created the building blocks for this...

Paul Puey CEO @EdgeSecure
Create and Deploy a Blockchain App in the Cloud

There are common features that form part of many successful blockchain projects: assets, participants, ownership, registries and more. By encapsulating such features in a reusable solutions framework, businesses can significantly save on blockchain implementations. In this interactive session,...

Lennart Frantzell Developer Advocate @IBM
Blockchain Enabled: Ask The Experts Panel

Nearly 10 years after the publication of the Bitcoin whitepaper, the world of blockchain is growing faster than ever -- and jam packed with hype, noise and downright scams.  But if you look closely through that noise, it’s also become a downright contrarian position to suggest that...

Paul Puey CEO @EdgeSecure
Uri Klarman CEO @bloXrouteLabs
Amy Yin Software Engineer @Coinbase
Chris Pacia Lead developer @openbazaar
Eran Eyal CEO @shopinapp, Winner of the United Nations World Summit Award for Innovation, & Fast Company’s Most Innovative Startup
How Blockchains Work and How To Scale Them

* No prior knowledge of blockchains is required for this presentation. "The Scalability Problem" is the fact blockchains technically can't process 300MB blocks every 10 seconds, or more generally put, that they can't process very large blocks at very short time intervals, to allow thousands (and...

Uri Klarman CEO @bloXrouteLabs


Amy Yin Software Engineer @Coinbase

Coinbase Commerce: A User-Controlled Payment Processor

QCon: Do I need to know anything about crypto or blockchain to attend this talk?

Amy: Absolutely not! Amy will explain private and public keys as well as blockchain addresses, which is all that is needed to understand the talk.

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