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Beyond REST: Coursera's Journey to GraphQL

Coursera's platform is composed of hundreds of APIs, implemented across dozens of services by various engineering teams. Our client engineers have faced many challenges while using these APIs, especially around discoverability and assembly of data from various services. We’re working to solve...

Bryan Kane Software Engineer @Coursera
Building A GraphQL API Backed By A Graph Database

Despite what the name may imply, GraphQL is not a query language for graph databases. Instead it is a query language for your API. By making the observation that your application data is a graph, GraphQL allows you to translate/map your application data from whatever the underlying model is to a...

William Lyon Developer Relations Engineer @Neo4j
Digital Publishing for Scale: The Economist and Go

The Economist newspaper was first printed in 1843. Since then, readers consume news in rapidly evolving ways and technology has taken the forefront in delivering content and enabling the severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our...

Kathryn Jonas Lead Engineer


Kathryn Jonas Lead Engineer

Digital Publishing for Scale: The Economist and Go

Would you describe your work at The Economist?

I am the lead engineer for the content platform team at The Economist. We deliver content to different products within The Economist (as well as to our external consumers). Our team is responsible for adding new features to the content platform thereby helping the business build new products.

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