Rust, WebAssembly, and Javascript Make Three: An FFI Story

WebAssembly is an exciting new compilation target for the web platform and beyond. While many herald its arrival as the death of JavaScript- the story on the ground is quite different. In this talk, we‘ll tour the Rust and WebAssembly toolchain and the fascinating and challenging technical...

Ashley Williams Core Rust & Rust Wasm WG Team Member

Past Presentations

Exploring UI Composition in Aurelia

It’s long been said “favor composition over inheritance”. But how does that play out in a modern front-end framework? In this talk, we’ll look at Aurelia’s approach to UI composition through an exploration of its component model. We’ll see how both conventional and explicit...

Rob Eisenberg Sr. Program Manager @Microsoft / Creator of Caliburn.Micro, Durandal and Aurelia
React+Redux at Scale

Congratulations, you made a todo list! Now you're trying to write your next greenfield project in react+redux, but it seems the instant you step up a level in complexity the resources and advice are few and far between. You could succumb to JS fatigue and throw the whole thing out on your way to...

Daniel Cousineau Lead HTTPSter Engineer @Grovo
Modern Clientside Open Space

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