Presentation: Software Updates in an Orchestrated World

Track: Sponsored Solutions Track I

Location: Liberty, 8fl.

Duration: 10:35am - 11:25am

Day of week:


Scaling software teams is hard. The explosion of new tools, packaging, and orchestration approaches has only added to the challenge. In this talk I'll illustrate, through examples and demos, a systematic way of managing package repositories and metadata for all types, from operating system packages to Kubernetes and serverless. Knowing what is being built and deployed enables teams to trust the process so they can release fast.

Speaker: Craig Peters

Director of Product @JFrog

Product Manager at JFrog - a tech generalist concerned with how humans and processes come together to create systems. Lately I've been interested in the patterns for IaC, and how the "devops" and "containers" ways of thinking may improve things.

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