Presentation: Privacy Tools and Techniques for Developers

Track: Trust, Safety, & Security

Location: Empire Complex, 7th fl.

Duration: 4:10pm - 5:00pm

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Most of us care about the protection of end users’ personal information, but isn’t this a problem for security and legal teams? How could developers help with privacy? This talk is a developer’s survey of privacy engineering, from foundational principles like privacy by design and the OWASP Top 10 Privacy Risks to advanced techniques such as federated learning and differential privacy in machine learning, as well as upcoming technologies like homomorphic encryption.  Each tool or technique will have an introductory explanation and example use cases with a description of the benefits and limitations. Recommended sources for further learning about each concept will be provided.

Speaker: Amber Welch

Privacy Technical Lead at Schellman & Company, LLC

Until she’s accepted for a Mars mission, Amber Welch is pursuing the advancement of personal information privacy and data protection as a Privacy Technical Lead for Schellman & Company. Amber has been assessing corporate privacy compliance programs for the past year and prior to that, managed security and privacy governance for a suite of SaaS products. She has previously worked in companies creating ERP, CRM, event planning, and biologics manufacturing software. Amber holds the CISSP, CIPP/E, CISA, CCSK, and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor certifications as well as an MA.

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