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Privacy Tools and Techniques for Developers

Most of us care about the protection of end users’ personal information, but isn’t this a problem for security and legal teams? How could developers help with privacy? This talk is a developer’s survey of privacy engineering, from foundational principles like privacy by design...

Amber Welch Privacy Technical Lead at Schellman & Company, LLC
How Much Does It Cost to Attack You?

How much does it cost to attack you and what are attackers getting out of it?   Attacks, breaches, exploits, and malware are nearly a daily occurrence. Why aren’t billion-dollar products solving the problems we’ve had for decades? The problem is two-fold, attacks are getting...

Jarrod Overson Software Engineer @ShapeSecurity
Security Delusions (Not a Sales Pitch!)

Security teams are frequently the gatekeepers of adopting new technology in the enterprise. In fact, information security represents perhaps the biggest tech laggard among technical functions today. “Because security” can understandably feel like an unsatisfying answer to why security...

Kelly Shortridge VP of Product Strategy @capsule8

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