Speaker: Andjelko Iharos

Director of Engineering at HAProxy Technologies

Andjelko is a Director of Engineering at HAProxy Technologies, the company behind the worlds fastest and most widely-used software load balancer. He is responsible for designing and overseeing implementation of solutions and services at all scales, from low level and microsecond optimized software to massive automated clusters processing tens of billions of requests per day. Andjelko works with tools such as Python,  C, Golang and many more.

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EBtree - Design for a Scheduler and Use (Almost) Everywhere

As the demand on Internet infrastructures grows, so do the requirements on its components, like load balancers, to process ever more data. EBtree is a different take on the ubiquitous tree data structure, and is helping HAProxy, a high performance Open-Source software load balancer, to keep up with demands for over a decade. In this talk we explore the goals, design and the choices behind the implementations of EBtree, and how they combine to produce a very fast and versatile data storage for many of HAProxys advanced features.


Broadway Ballroom South, 6th fl.


Modern CS in the Real World


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