Speaker: Matt Davis

Senior Infrastructure Engineer @verica_io

Matt Davis has a passion for exploring the relationship between the artistic mind and operating distributed computer architectures, drawing years of musical training into his approaches for understanding and describing complex systems. He has been both Individual Contributor and Tech Manager in a wide variety of fields involving Operations and Site Reliability Engineering, and writes about topics ranging from step-by-step tutorials and the benefits of remote work to theories about music and technology. In addition to interests in infrastructure management and chaos engineering, Matt creates music with DIY synthesizers and spins all vinyl DJ sets.

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Chaos Engineering in Practice

The practice of Chaos Engineering has emerged as a critical tool for the Continuous Verification of resilient systems. It is a proven technique not only for confirming the graceful extensibility of the distributed systems we build, but also for discovering features of the system that were assumed or even unknown. Building confidence in the system's capability to withstand turbulent conditions in production through scientific experimentation has helped make hundreds of high-profile technology companies - like Netflix, LinkedIn, and Capital One - overcome brittleness and improve availability.

This workshop introduces the main concepts of Chaos Engineering through the following topics: Introduction to Chaos Engineering, System Maturity Model, Building Common Ground through Game Days, and Wider Adoption. Participants will engage in interactive sessions during each section including active discussion, hands-on exercises, and group collaboration. By the end of the workshop, attendees will walk away with a better understanding of Chaos Engineering and knowledge of the tools available to get started and how to help your organization embrace Chaos Engineering.


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