Software Supply Chain

Software components that developers are using, or reusing from third parties, which ultimately get shipped to customers. It managing where these tools come from and how they enter into your software systems.
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Multi-Language Infrastructure as Code

We all use programming languages to write expressive, reusable, and powerful application code, with flourishing open source communities, and a bit of fun. One domain that has not yet experienced the same, however, is cloud infrastructure and operations. Most engineers in this domain still use...

Joe Duffy Founder and CEO @PulumiCorp
Workflow Automation Reinvented

New tools and frameworks have popped up around workflow automation, sometimes framed as microservice orchestration engines. Many of these got their start "organically", where companies built a tool to solve their own problem. From Airbnb came Apache Airflow, from Netflix came Conductor,...

Bernd Rücker Co-Founder and Chief Technologist @Camunda

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