Presentation: Video Streaming at Scale

Track: Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Location: Broadway Ballroom North, 6th fl.

Duration: 4:10pm - 5:00pm

Day of week:


Let's face it - we all want to be there when the action happens, not experience it after the fact. That's why live video streaming has become so popular. But what happens when you want to reach millions of people across the globe in real-time. At scale, there's a lot going on.
In this talk, Lysa Banks, IBM Distinguished Engineer, will take us "behind the scenes" and deep dive into how live video streaming happens at scale. Lysa will cover the core technology stack and application architecture for IBM Streaming Manager (formerly Ustream) used by individuals and enterprises to reach massive audiences for everything from gaming to product launches to major conferences. This talk will not only cover the current architecture but also how the platform is evolving to be event-driven and microservices centric. It will also outline improvements that were made in processes in order to grow from startup to enterprise-class operations.
This talk will cover these specific topics:
  • How live streaming is done in the cloud (Architectural Overview)
  • A philosophy and framework for decoupling monolithic applications to microservices
  • Moving from the data center to cloud VMs to Kubernetes
  • How microservices enable efficient scaling in the cloud
  • How multicloud is leveraged for increased reliability 
  • Shifting the team's mindset from "homegrown and roll your own" to open source and SaaS for increased focus on core competencies
  • Changes made to security and DevOps practices to better serve enterprise clients

Speaker: Lysa Banks

IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO Watson Media Cognitive Solutions @IBM

Lysa Banks is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Technical Executive.  She is known internally as the "Mother of Cloud Video" having founded the video business unit within IBM which offers cloud base live and on-demand video processing, streaming, distribution and IPTV/OTT solutions.  Lysa was the CTO, serving as the Head of Engineering and Technical Strategy, for IBM Watson Media  –– applying IBM's cognitive capabilities to multimedia content primarily in the media and entertainment industry.  She now works in the IBM Cloud Engagement Hub, helping IBM clients with their journey to Cloud and AI adoption.  

Prior to this role, Lysa was the Lead Architect and Program Manager for Industry Cloud Solutions at IBM. She also served on IBM’s Corporate Technical Evaluation team, where she worked with senior executives to shape IBM’s technical strategy through investment in emerging technologies. Additionally, Lysa has provided technical leadership on several IBM acquisitions.

Lysa graduated summa cum laude from New Jersey Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Engineering and Applied Math. She is passionate about mentoring the next generation of STEM students and professionals.  Lysa likes to go fast be it on her motorcycle, road bike, downhill skis or PoC to production.

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