Rendering Large Models in the Browser in Real Time

Viewing extremely large 2D and 3D models in the browser in real time is a difficult problem because of limited client-side computational resources, limited bandwidth, and the challenges of using JavaScript for high-performance computing. By introducing many heavily optimized techniques and...

Shwetha Nagaraja Software Engineer @Autodesk
Federico Rocha Senior Software Engineer @Autodesk
Build Cross Platform Apps With Flutter

Historically users building cross platform apps would be able to see and feel a difference between "native" apps and cross platform solutions, but what happens when the clients built by cross platform technologies start to achieve the same look and feel?Flutter built apps...

Faisal Abid Co-Founder at & Google Developer Expert
Remote Customer Facing Clients

In the past year, Rent the Runway has created a nation-wide network of dropoff boxes. By allowing customers to scan in their clothes for return locally, customers get returns immediately processed, allowing them to rent more items. These devices power a direct customer experience via RtR's...

Rohen Peterson Director of Engineering @RenttheRunway
Machine-to-Machine Interfaces

We often think of client interfaces as a visual medium, but in our increasingly connected lives, our devices are becoming more and more integrated. In this talk we'll explore the ever-expanding world of machine-to-machine interfaces and present a real-world use-case for all the buzzwords,...

Ari Lerner Sr. Consultant, AppDev @awscloud


Faisal Abid Co-Founder at & Google Developer Expert

Build Cross Platform Apps With Flutter

What is the focus of your work today?

I am the Co-Founder of, a Machine learning powered API monitoring service, where we analyze your API requests and responses using machine learning, notifying you when your API breaks before your users do.

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